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Thunder Dweller


1 July
I created this account, in order to update my friends on what's going on in my life. No more, no less. There are many inside jokes that you won't get if you're not on the inside. (Like all my Asian references)
I play the Alto Eb Saxophone, and have for 4 years.
I am a tomboy and a cross-dresser. Many people mistake me for a guy, and many people MISTAKE me for a gay person. In case nobody figured this out, cross-dressing and gayness is DIFFERENT.
Many people also believe that I have Irish blood (on account of my red hair), but that is not true, as far as I know. I am part Viking, though (which might account for my tomboyishness).
Call me racist, but I LOVE ASIAN GUYS!!! Mostly, though, It's the black hair, olive skin, and high IQ that I like. It's nice to have an intelligent conversation with a hot guy. I don't get that very often with Anglo Saxons.
If you bother reading my journal, you might see a lot of crazy German stuff in it. That is because my entire family is German ('cept my CA grandpa), and German was the first language I learned. It's kinda hard, though, writing in german, because my computer isn't german, and is therefore missing some important German stuff, like umlaut. Hence the craziness.