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I've kinda been avoiding the site, for some strange reason. I don't know why. Don't ask. I'm really weirded out, for some reason. I blame school. It's been keepin' me uptight and busy. Darn hw. No matter how much I finish in school, there's always tons more to do at home. Monse, I'll try to get around to calling. If I get over my fear of phones any time soon. You realize there's a time difference, right? By the time I get home, you could theoretically be eating dinner. (Bah. That's my lame excuse. Ho hum)

So, Word Power Test. I need to study for it. Now.
1.) taciturn- silence, unresponsiveness
2.) laconic- economy, brevity, meaningfulness (saying little, meaning much)
3.) inarticulate- awkwardness, sputtering, incoherence
4.) garrulous- rambling chatter (meaningless; much talk, little sense)
5.) banal- hackneyed, unoriginal phraseology

6.) verbose- wordiness, repetitiousness
7.) voluble- fluency, rapidity
8.) cogent- logic, clarity, persuasiveness (words that convince brilliantly)
9.) vociferous- noise, vehemence (the sound and the fury)
10.) loquacious- talkativeness (talk a WHOLE lot)

(I know these next few might seem random, but they're questions in the book)

Can You Work W/ The Words?
1.) taciturn- i.) unwilling to engage in convo
2.) laconic- j.) using few words packed w/ meaning
3.) inarticulate- f.) sputtering unintelligibly
4.) garrulous- a.) chattering meaninglessly
5.) banal- c.) trite, hackneyed, unoriginal

6.) verbose- b.) wordy
7.) voluble- d.) fluent and rapid
8.) cogent- h.) brilliantly compelling, persuasive
9.) vociferous- e.) noisy, loud
10.) loquacious- g.) talkative

Do You Understand The Words?
1.) Do taciturn people usually make others feel comfortable and welcome? NO
2.) Does a laconic speaker use more words than necessary? NO
3.) Does rage make some people inarticulate? YES
4.) Is it interesting to listen to garrulous old men? NO
5.) Do banal speakers show a great deal of originality? NO

6.) Is verbose a complimentary term? NO
7.) Is it easy to be voluble when you don't know the subject you are talking about? NO
8.) Do unintelligent people usually make cogent statements? NO
9.) Is a vociferous demand usually made by a shy, quiet person? NO
10.) Do loquacious people spend more time talking than listening? YES

Fill In The Blanks:
1.) talkative: loquacious
2.) noisy, vehement, clamorous: vociferous
3.) incoherent; sputtering: inarticulate
4.) gabbing ceaselessly and w/ little meaning: garrulous
5.) disinclined to convo: taciturn

6.) talking in hackneyed phraseology: banal
7.) showing a fine economy in the use of words: laconic
8.) forceful and convincing: cogent
9.) talking rapidly y fluently: voluble
10.) using more words than necessary: verbose

Well, that concludes Session 24. The test (tomorrow) is on session 24-27. I think I'll add a few more entries later...



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