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Trip Over.... :(

Boo-hoo. My Germany trip is over.... *staggers sleepily into corner and cries*
I spent the last 3 days of my trip having parties in other people's rooms. Our last night, for instance, I had no sleep. The night before, I managed to doze off for an hour. The night before that, I only had 4 hours of sleep. Strangely enough, I kept blacking out for a few seconds on the way to the airport. I wonder why that was.

My last day was excellently cool, despite the black cloud hanging over my mood (it was the last night, after all...) I finally got up the courage in the morning to ask Arthur if he needed to use my camera's battery. Turns out he did, and I pretty much spent the rest of the day kicking myself for not offering him the damn battery a week ago, when I overheard him say that his camera shut down. So he got his camera, I inserted my battery, pocketed his, and the camera magically worked again. You know, he's Asian. You'd think he'd have thought of bringing along a battery charger for his camera, but no.

We had one last tour of Venice that day, then free-time, where I bought a pair of really beautiful butterfly earrings for my sis, and I wore them because I didn't feel like losing them. Everyone was telling me how I had to keep those earrings, and get my sis something else. I also bought myself a black-and-gold touristy cap, that had a mixture of tiger stripes and jaguar spots. It is so cool-looking, and cheesy at the same time. It's just plain awesome. The black spot/stripes are fuzzy, and the gold is so shiny, that it blinded everyone when the sunset hit it. I bought the hat, because it went so very well with my gold-rimmed glasses, and the goldeny-brown earrings that I had bought for my sis. And I needed something to keep the sun out of my eyes.

When we got back from the tour, I went upstairs and charged Arthur's battery. As we left the hotel to go to dinner, I told Arthur that I was charging his battery. He put his arm around my shoulder, and told me how cool I was. At this point, I would like to mention that I accidentally fell pretty hard for Arthur during the course of the trip. And by accidentally, I mean that he's graduated already, and will be heading off to college next year, and not coming back to York. He's short, Asian, sexy and hot, and I developed a thrice-cursed crush on him during the trip.
After dinner, we had a Gondola ride through the city, which was pretty cool and relaxing. But it was after the Gondola ride, that the most interesting part of the trip occurred. Since it was the last night, we said a lot of good-byes, since there were some people that we weren't gonna be seeing in the morning. And then everyone wandered off. No one showed us the way back to the hotel. Basically, people split into groups and left. Hardly anyone knew where to actually go. I ended up running after Grace and Corey (who are going out), Arthur, Paul, Nina and Brendan (or Brandon. I know not which). After a few minutes of being lost, and nothing looking familiar to anyone, Nina and Brendan REALLY, REALLY started to panic. I was fine, because I had about 6 hours until I needed to actually BE at the hotel, I was with friends and not alone, and best of all, Arthur was with me. Besides, you all know how mellow I am. I mean, I didn't even shed a tear when I learned that my mom and sis had been hospitalized after a car crash. You've got to admit, being lost in Venice with friends at 12:00 in the morning is no where NEAR as bad as something like a car crash. Grace and Corey were fine as well, although they did have to use the bathroom. After all, they had each other, I guess. Arthur and Paul were starting to get mad at Nina and Brendan for freaking out so badly. They were threatening to leave Nina and Brendan behind if the two of them didn't shape up. The two of them congratulated me on keeping my cool.

We eventually got help, and as soon as we arrived back at the hotel, the seniors (by which I mean Arthur, Paul and Nina) all went to get themselves a beer. I went upstairs, got Arthur's battery, sat outside the hotel, and waited for them to show up again. I didn't have to wait long. Arthur and Paul walked up from the opposite direction I was expecting them from, and were all like, " Oh wow, you waited for us?" Surprisingly enough (sure Mel. Keep telling yourself that...) Arthur joined me and the people I was having a party with in someone else's room. The party was in Whitney and Grace's room. Corey was at the party (no surprises there), and so were Tom, Michael, Sam, and Morgan and AJ joined us later. At first, it seemed like Arthur was kinda' uncomfortable at our little party. I mean, he kept wandering around our tiny little room (there was only a foot of space around the double bed) and even stood on the balcony and looked in at one point. I was lying on the bed twixt Corey's legs (don't worry. He was under the blanket with Grace) Whitney was lying on the far side of the bed. Sam was on the floor, listening to music. Tom was sitting in the one chair in the room. Arthur eventually got over his shyness, and was at one point lying on the bed next to me. He kept leaning over me to tickle Grace's and Corey's feet. At one point after he did that, Corey suddenly sat upright and surprise tickled me in the sides. I don't handle being tickled very well. Corey had tried to tickle me a couple of hours earlier, and I had accidentally fallen onto my knee, of all reactions. Silly me. I got him back for that on the plane back home, but my revenge was also an accident. I seem to be very accident-prone.

My 4th of July was the best as well. Since we had no opportunity to wear the fancy clothing we had dragged with us for the past couple of weeks, some of us decided to wear our fancy clothes for America's Birthday. I wore a sexy black skirt, and a frilly shirt that had a plunging neckline. And shiny heels as well. I was the the most dressed up. People were very, very shocked at how I looked. A bunch of people kept walking up and complimenting me. My teacher even told me that she had never seen me this pretty. Arthur got an American flag, and was wearing it as a cape through the streets of Venice.

I also had the best birthday that I've ever had in a LONG LONG time. My 17th B-day. I'm so old now. We were in Innsbruck on my B-day. There, I met up with my Austrian grandparents, both my aunts, and my little cousin. My cousin is so cute! My family was so surprised at how good my German was. And I've got to admit, that my German has improved dramatically. I'm probably one of the few people on the trip whose German really, really improved.

All in all, I had a fantastic time. My summer has NEVER been this great. I have never gotten this close to a guy I liked before. I've made a whole bunch of new friends, that has the potential to make my experience at York tons better. The people on my trip told me that they had thought I was some nerdy, reclusive kid. Now, a lot of people on my trip keep telling me how hot I am, and some even call me sexy and cool. I really opened up to the people on my trip. But I suppose it was unavoidable. I mean, we did have to lug our suitcases around together, go through boring tours early in the morning together, sit through 5 hour-long bus rides together, and eat ice cream together for 2 and a half weeks.

I hope the rest of my summer will be this great!

Still in Regensburg

You guys have just gotta see the cool keys there are on this keyboard!!!
ö ä ü ß §
And the y and z are switched on the keyboard. German computers are awesome!

I've only a week left on my Germany trip. Actually, tomorrow I'll be leaving Germany, by visiting Austria, and spending the rest of the trip in Italy.

Oh, and tomorrow's my 17th Birthday! Normally I don't like getting older (I've got Peter Pan syndrome...) but this trip is too awesome to be all mopey on. Tomorrow's gonna be great, because we'll be visiting Innsbruck, Austria and my grandparents, Tante Reni, and cousin will be meeting me there! I haven't seen my baby cousin in 5 years... I guess she'll be 9 or so (kids just grow up so fast...)

The people on my trip are so awesome. I've had people just randomly decide that they want to sit on my lap (only in Germany, would stuff like this happen), and we've had a few 'sleep orgies', where we all lie on each other on the ground. Yesterday, for example, we were all napping on each others stomachs and legs on the stony bank of the Danube River in front of a monastery. We had stones falling out of our clothes for the rest of the day, and we had the folds of each other's clothes imprinted on our skin. It was cool, and amazingly fun. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to rest your head on a guy's stomach, while he's laughing. He himself was resting his head on Grace's stomach (or maybe legs) and was saying how it felt like an earthquake every time she laughed.

I've gotta admit, even though I lost my digital camera my 2nd day in Germany, it was an amazingly good decision of mine to come to Germany. I wish the trip, and summer, would last longer.... Incidentally, speaking of my camera, Munich had it's revenge on me for having shoplifted in that thrice-cursed city all those years ago. That was one of the 10 Commandments that I broke, there. I never forgave myself for it, but now that Munich's had it's revenge, I might finally be able to put it past me.

You know, having spent a week in Regensburg, I know my way around the city amazingly well. Who'd have known, that I had such an amazingly good sense of direction. Well, I've gotta go back into the city, to buy my little cousin a present. What do you buy 9-year olds, anyway????

Have a great summer!!

Germany trip.

You'll never believe where this post is coming from. That's right, Germany! And if I accidentally misspell something, it's because the keyboard is so very different from mine.
The computer I'm currently using, is having mouse problems at the moment. The mouse just randomly stopped working. Took me a while to figure out how to move around on the web without a mouse, but I managed.

Today is my 3rd day of staying with my Host Family. They're pretty cool. I was sick 2 days ago, as we did the Medieval Tour of Regensburg. Just my luck, huh? I was feeling fine in the morning, but shortly after the tour started I got several diff. stomach pains, leg pains that had nothing to do with soreness from walking, and a head pain to top it off. Plus, anything I ate just went straight through my digestive system, so I was feeling pretty weak. I had a great time despite all this, but I did feel like shit, and had to sit down as often as I could.
I bet I had a great time because I got hugged by a hot Asian dude. But I've gotta keep this short, so Tchüs! And wish me a Happy Birthday on July 1st!

Ich kann jetzt tolle sachen schreiben, mit diesem Deutschen Komputer. Vielleicht werde ich noch ein Paar sachen schreiben, um dieses Zeug gut zu benützen!
Und Ausserdem, ihr solltet jetzt meine tolle Haare sehen! Es ist echt stark! Bis zum nächsten mal!



Hunh. The bad thing about not posting for a long, long time, is that one has a LOT of things to write about.
School, for instance, ended on a Thursday, the 24th of May. I had no school on the Wednesday before that (gotta love those tiny private schools) because I had no tests that day. I had no tests on Thurs either. Instead, it was a yearbook-signing, practice-for-senior-commencement day. Which reminds me. The band had to play Pomp and Circumstance for the Senior Commencement. And while I attended rehearsals, I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO ATTEND SENIOR COMMENCEMENT on Saturday following the last day of school. Which was really, really awful, because I was the only Alto Sax 1, and the only other Sax player, never plays above a pp, if he plays at all (damn freshmen. Only had a couple of years of playing experience under his belt. He can't even play his scales, for crying out loud...) And I forgot to show up. How irresponsible can you get???

In other news, my laptop won't turn on. The hard-drives fucked up, apparently (it sure is bloody useful to have a computer geek for a dad, but even he can't fix it). So I'm using the huge computer in the room that doubles as an office/library at my house. That is, I use the computer when my sis' isn't on it. Wouldn't you know, her brand-spanking new laptop got the same hard-drive probs that mine has, the day after my laptop breaks. And she's been hogging this computer for the past 3 days, at least.
I had nothing better to do, so I completely organized my room. After 3 days, it's still a mess in some places, but most of my room is finally as it should be. I can't believe it took me an entire year to clean up my room. In fact, I still have a few boxes to unpack. How crazy is that?

Today, I took my driver's test. It ended quickly, when I accidentally turned onto a street on the wrong side of the road. Everything up until then and on the way back was fine. I can't believe I did that, but the corner was shaped funny, and I couldn't see the yellow line until I was over it. You know, I've been driving since October, and that has NEVER, EVER happened to me before. Perhaps I was nervous. All I know is, I screwed up, and now have to wait until I'm back from my Germany trip before I can re-take the damn test.

Incidentally, my parents bought me a black, 2004 used BMW. They got it because it's one of the safest cars they could afford (we're broke now), and because I needed my own car in order to get my 50 hours. My mom drives a stick shift (BMW) and won't let me anywhere near her car. My dad's out of town most of the week, so I obviously can't drive his car (besides, his car is a huge SUV. It drives like a bus). My BMW normally goes at around $25,000, so my dad was thrilled when he got my car for a mere $15,000. My mom has to get a job, though, and so do I as soon as I get back from my Germany trip, but it's worth it, I think. My mom uses my car in heavy traffic, because it's hell driving a stick shift in heavy traffic. My dad uses my car whenever he's home, because my car is more gas efficient than his huge SUV. All in all, it's a win-win sitch.

On a totally different note, my sister got a boyfriend (sometime near the end of the school year) and broke up with him a week later. His name is Perry, and they've decided to simply remain friends. Of course, it kinda' bugs me that my sis' got a boyfriend before I did (she's 3 years younger than me) but I kind of expected that to happen. And she won't tell me why she broke up with him. It's rather annoying. She thinks it's too complicated, but whether she means for her to explain, or me to understand, I know not. Maybe both. It's none of my business, but it annoys me just the same.

And now, finally, I'll get to what I kept hinting at. On the 19th of June, I'm leaving on a 3-week trip for Germany, with a bunch of other German students in my school. In fact, there will be a guy, Sam, traveling with us, who hasn't taken any German classes. He probably only knows how to say 'Hello' ("Hallo"), 'Good-Bye' ("Auf Wiedersehen"), and 'Thank You' ("Danke Schon" umlaut on 'o'). Those are the words that practically every English-speaking person knows. If he knows more than that, I'll be mildly surprised.
On the trip, I'll be staying with a family in Regensburg for at least a week. They have 2 girls, Petra (15), and Michelle (10 or 12). They wrote a letter, telling me to e-mail them, but I can't access my e-mail without my laptop, which, as you'll remember, unfortunately broke down.
The only real reason I'm going on the trip, is because of Munich, which is my first stop. Of course I realize that it is an excellent learning and cultural experience with all my travel needs seen to without me having to deal or worry about (such as flights, hotels, tours). But the real reason I'm going, is so that I will stop viewing Munich as Satan's residence when he takes a vacation from hell. Lots of bad, evil stuff happened to me while I lived there in Munich, and I need to get over it. 8 years have past, and the events that transpired there still haunt me. I mean, I must have broken at least 4 of the 10 Commandments while I lived there, and I had to turn myself into an atheist as a result, because I couldn't handle the notion that I was damned to eternal hell through my stupidity. So I stopped believing in hell. Which led to not believing in heaven. Which led to not believing in God. (It took me 2 years, but it happened.)

Anyway, I'm hoping to finally get over the demons of my past by going on this trip. It's very important to me. Plus, I'll be meeting my Austrian grandparents at Innsbruck, in Austria.

I just found out that my hard drive is toast. It's gonna cost $1,500 to fix it. I definitely have to get a job now. There's no escaping it. Damnation.

German Test Today. Ick.

There is something unusual about this post. Hah, you'll never guess unless I tell you... Well, I have a German Test later today. So I am sitting here in my school library at 7:54 am, and I am going to study for it. You know, considering that school starts at 8:30, it's pretty darn crowded in here. I'm here this early, because my sis has Choir at 7:40. Today is a 'C' day, which means no frees later today. Better enjoy my free-time while I have it, hey? Yeah, by studying. And I've got a head-ache. Grr.
My German Test is another one of those dialog thingies.

Unit 12: Abreise

Hans: Hilde, schnell meine Reisetasche.

Hilde: Deine Reisetasche?

Hans: Ja, ich fahre nach Hamburg.

Hilde: Wann f(a)hrst du denn?

Hans: Heute noch. Mein Zug f(a)hrt um vier Uhr.

Hilde: Es ist schon halb drei.

Hans: Pack, bitte, schnell meine Sachen.

Hilde: Ich packe sie gleich. Wie lange bleibst du in Hamburg?

Hans: Ich weiss nicht. Einen Tag, vielleicht auch zwei Tage.

Hilde: Dann brauchst du nicht viel.

Hans: Nein, nur einen Schlafanzug, zwei Paar Socken, und vier Taschent(u)cher.

Hilde: Und nat(u)rlich ein Oberhemd und einen Schlipps.

Hans: Du vergisst wieder meinen Rasierapparat, meine Zahnb(u)rste, Zahnpaste, und Seife.

Hilde: Immer vergesse ich etwas. Was brauchst du noch?

Hans: Ich brauche sonst nichts.

Hilde: So, hier ist alles in der Tasche.

Hans: Kommst du mit zum Bahnhof?

Hilde: Nein, ich kann nicht. Die Kinder kommen um vier Uhr aus der Schule.

Hans: Also dann, auf Wiedersehen, Hilde!

Hilde: Nimm ein Taxi, sonst verpasst du deinen Zug. Gl(u)ckliche Reise!

And I have to memorize all that, including grammar and punctuation. Life is 'nicht sehr Toll' at the moment.
Also, my dad discovered StupidVideos.com, and we've been laughing at some pretty great stuff all weekend. Well, anyway. Adios!

Contact Times

Hm. Been kinda busy the past few days. You know, Monse, I never have my phone on. But, if you're gonna call, then I may as well tell you when my cell will most likely be turned on.
Try these times:
Mon, Weds, Fri: 3:00-5:00, CA time (which would be 5:00-7:00 TX time)
Tues, Thurs: 4:00-5:00, CA time (6:00-7:00 TX time)
I never have my phone on, 'cause first of all, I only got it for emergencies, and second, there are only about 3-5 people who know my number, and those people don't call very often. I don't like to waste my batteries, so I leave it off. However, now that I've posted those times, I might turn my phone on then, in case you, Alanna, or Beaney do call. Heck, anyone who knows my # can call at that time, it matters not.

Phone stuff aside, the only interesting thing that happened lately, was that I got my teeth cleaned after school on Mon. And for some reason, my teeth look yellower, and my gaps look wider than they did before they got cleaned. The dentist was very talkative. I found out from her that she has a relative named Melanie who lives in Dallas, my hair is a beautiful color, and that I'm very lucky to have the teeth that I have. What was really weird, was that she let me look through the toy box, which raises an important question: How young do I look?? But anyway, I found a bouncy-ball that I liked, so I didn't mind. I suppose I can use it for juggling.

Today after school, my mom drove me'n my sis' to Hot Topic. My sis' was looking for emo stuff to buy, since this Friday is going to be emo-day at our school. I didn't buy anything, because apparently I already have emo stuff. It's funny, really. Nobody really knows what emo is, so everyone's just gonna dress up in black, wear black eye-liner, and wear a frown. So essentially, everyone's planning on looking like depressed goths. Sad? You betcha.

Ay. Tomorrow I've got Band in the morning, and a combined Religions class, which means no free in the morning. *Dramatic sigh* Despite all the work I do, I'm behind in my World History reading, so once again, I shall probably have to do that during lunch. I've been doing HW during lunch practically the entire year. I suspect it's because I have nothing better to do, and no one to talk to. Woe is me.

Hey Beaney, Monse and Alanna. Do you guys have A, B, C, and D lunches? If so, can you tell me when you have your lunches? Maybe I'll be able to call you guys during a free period, or something. Just a thought. You guys probably have friends to talk to during lunch, unlike me. Have I mentioned that there's no cafeteria at my school? Essentially, you can eat lunch practically anywhere on campus, except for most classrooms. There's an ant and mouse problem at our school, so most teacher's don't like it when you eat in the classrooms. Most people just eat outside. I usually eat in the Student Center, where there're tables that I can do HW on. Yup. Different, huh?

Well anyway. Once again, it's 11:30 pm. My biological clock seems to like staying up late all night. It makes me bitchy and tired in the morning, though. That's when my mom starts to get mad at me. Hey, at least this time my HW is finished. Usually I start at around this time. Anyway, gotta go. Friends, write back!

Judaism "Reflection" (AKA: Test)

Whew. Mi madre and I went out driving today and yesterday. That is, I drove, while she "back-seat" drove. It was weird. After every reprimand, she'd start laughing (probably out of nervousness). Thankfully, it was pretty quiet where we went out driving. Else, I'd have totally hit someone on those darn lane-changes/on ramps. Bah. My whole looking-over-my-shoulder routine needs work. Don't ask.

Once again, it is 10:40 pm. I've just finished my Science HW (although it's not complete. I decided to simply put off doing the last 2 probs for tomorrow). Speaking of tomorrow, it's gonna be an E-day. And since I have a World-Religions Test tomorrow, I will only have one free-period, at ze end of ze day. I also have Band in the mornin'.

Well, I'll bet everyone's dying to know about Judaism, huh? It's actually extremely interesting, surprisingly. My teacher made us read out of the bible several times, and you'll never believe what we found within! Note: I'm getting all my notes from class, and a textbook. If you have any problems with what I write, then I must confess that I really don't care. Freedom of speech, and all that.


- The bible is a compound of several different accounts. For instance, you'll find 2 diff versions of the creation story (Genesis:1-2) Chronicles is a priestly interpretation of Kings, in the Bible.
-In one of the accounts, God refers to himself as 'us' and 'we' (Christians took that to represent Christ and the Holy Spirit/trinity thingie) In the other account, he's anthropomorphic.
-According to the Bible, God said unto Abraham something along the lines of "You will worship me and none of the other Gods". Essentially, he's admitting that there are, in fact, other gods hanging around. So much for monotheism. Judaism started out as polytheistic, just like all the other religions.
-There is a section in the Bible filled with erotic poetry, and doesn't mention God or his laws at all. That section was (supposedly) written by King Solomon, probably to his 300 wives/concubines. Some of the poetry has stuff like "Her hair is like a flock of goats..." Imagine having your hair compared to goats!
- The chapter of Ezekiel the prophet is sometimes referred to as the "alien-abduction" story, since it mentions something about a wheel within a wheel in the sky
-the Bible is "the book of the mighty acts of God". Meaning, where god actually DID something, participated, took action, physically intervened, etc.
-Moses did not part the Red Sea. Apparently there was a mix-up somewhere along the line. The real word is 'Sea of Reeds', a body of water between Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.
-The only form of work forbidden in the bible (on Sabbath), is the lighting of a fire.

Some of the slightly less interesting stuff:

-The Patriarchs are: Abraham, Isaac (and Ishmael), Jacob (also known as Israel. The twelve tribes of Israel, are Jacob's 12 sons, one of whom is Joseph, and their families)

-Ten Commandments:
1.) I am the Lord your God, who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me.
2.) You shall not make any graven image.
3.) You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
4.) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5.) Honor your father and your mother. (oops)
6.) You shall not kill.
7.) You shall not commit adultery.
8.) You shall not steal. (Big oops)
9.) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10.) You shall not covet your neighbor's property.

-God made a 3-part Covenant (agreement) with Abraham, that if Abraham would be faithful to God, then God would a) make Abraham become the father of a great nation (his children would be as numerous as the stars in the sky), b) possess a land, and c) become a blessing to all other people

-The stories of the patriarchs exist in Genesis to provide the reader with a reason for the most important event in Jusaism: the Exodus. God ACTED to save his children from Egypt and slavery, and finally brought them as a conquering army into the land of Canaan, to fulfill the second part of the Covenant (the first was already fulfilled).

-David was the first King of the Jewish people. Solomon, his son, built the temple of Jerusalem

-Kingdom split in half around 721 B.C.E. The northern half, the 10 (lost) tribes of Israel, are so called because the Assyrians came and conquered the lot, and they disappeared off the face of the earth. The 2 remaining tribes, one of which was Judah, was conquered by the Babylonians around 586 B.C.E. They, however, kept their religion, and it is from Judah that the name Jew comes from.

-Diaspora: the scattering of the Jewish people all over the world.

-The prophet Ezra probably began the process of canonizing books as the word of God. For ever after, Jews became identified not only as a people of God's law, but also a people of centered around a book.

-the rabbi is not a priest or a minister. Rabbi=Master=Old English word for teacher. Thus, a rabbi is a teacher.

Mishnah + Gemara = Talmud
-The Mishna is a collection of commentary on the law of God, along with disputes. Gemara is a body of literature that dealt with every aspect of Jewish life.

-Yiddish is a combination of Middle High German, and Hebrew. The Jews of Eastern Europe speak it.

-'Ghetto' is originally a place in various European cities, where the Jews could gather together into communities. Eventually, the Jews were forced to live in Ghettos, and curfews were set. Ghettos were usually the worst places in cities.

-synagogue is derived from Greek word 'synagoge', or "assembly". A synagogue can exist wherever there is a copy of the Scripture (Torah) and ten adult (over 13) Jewish males.

Unfortunately, this is all I have time for. It's already half-past 12, and I've gotta get up early tomorrow. Grr.

Darn German Test. Must Study.

Nothing much happening in school. Just wasting a free period with studying. Today is donut day, so during break, which is in 2 min, I get to eat donuts! I love this school!

Bah. German Test later today. Hopefully, writing this down will help me memorize it. It sure seemed to work for my English Quiz (seriously. I overstudied for that.)

1.) das Fach, die F(a)cher : subject, class
2.) die Wissenschaft : science
3.) gelingen : to suceed
4.) gehorchen : to obey
5.) drohen : to threaten

6.) impfen : to vaccinate, inoculate
7.) gewiss : certainly
8.) harren : to expect, await
9.) wider : against,, in opposition to, contrary to
10.) empor : upward(s)

11.) der Armbrustsch(u)tze : archer
12.) der Baumstamm : tree trunk
13.) der Edelstein : gem, precious stone
14.) der Ehestand : marriage, wedlock
15.) der Lahme : cripple, lame person

16.) die Elster : magpie
17.) die Flaschheit : falseness, deceit
18.) frumm : pious, devout
19.) die Gestalt : form, figure
20.) die Kuhpocken : cowpox
Got's to go! My donuts await!

"Word Power" sessions 25-27

I'm back again. Don't I just love free periods. I wrote my earlier post during my first-period free. Today was an A-day. I only had 45 min, so I had to cut it short...

I also had Band this morning. Until today, I'd been using these 2 reeds, that I've been using for over 6 months. That's unhealthy, and besides, it makes my Saxophone sound bad. A couple of weekends back, my dad and I finally went shopping for new reeds, which I used today. And even though it was a new reed, my sound was so much better (new reeds usually aren't...)

I may not have mentioned this, but during the Physical Activity slot in my day, Tennis has been replaced with Walking (Mon, Weds, Fri) and Yoga/Tai Chi (Tues, Thurs). Sounds terribly interesting, huh? Just awfully, yeah? Walking may be boring, but it's great in it's own way. We take 4 different routes. Somedays, we'll go uphill, from where I can see the ocean (I know you're jealous ;P ), somedays we'll go downhill (when we go back up to the school, we walk on this old, overgrown road, that strongly resembles the ruins of an ancient civilization! Yeah, my imagination is a thing to be feared. In reality, it is simply a road to York School that isn't used anymore), somedays we'll walk around the track (boring takes on a new meaning on those days), and sometimes we'll walk along a road, which turns off into a small, forested area. And by small, I mean a few yards/meters, but it is so thickly overgrown, it's like a deciduous jungle. Anyway, on these walking trips, there's nothing to do but talk to my fellow walkers, and is a great opportunity to strengthen friendships.

Anyway, back to Word Power. I had my mom test me on the stuff, and realized that I knew a lot less than I should. So, here goes nothing:
1.) taceo: to be silent
6.) re- : again
7.) loquor: to speak
8.) solus: alone
9.) -ist : one who
11.) venter; ventris: belly
14.) con-, col-, com-, cor- : with, together

1.) taciturnity- d.) unwillingness to engage in convo
2.) tacitness- f.) state of being understood, though not actually expressed
3.) reticence- a.) unwillingness to talk, or disclose, out of fear, shyness, reserve, etc.
4.) loquacity- h.) talkativeness
5.) soliloquy- b.) talking, or a speech, "to one-self"
6.) ventriloquism- c.) art of throwing one's voice
7.) colloquialism- e.) informal expression used in everyday convo
8.) circumlocution- g.) a talking around; method of talking indirectly, or in a roundabout way

1.) a tacit understanding is put into words. FALSE
2.) Inhibited people are seldom reticent about expressing anger. FALSE
3.) A soliloquist expresses his thoughts out loud. TRUE
4.) A ventriloquistic performance on stage involves a dummy who appears to be talking. TRUE
5.) A colloquial style of writing in ungrammatical. FALSE
6.) Circumlocutory speech is direct and forthright. FALSE
7.) Inarticulate people are generally given to loquaciousness. FALSE
8.) A soliloquy is a dialogue. FALSE

Can You Recall The Words?
1.) to speak to oneself: Soliloquize
2.) to throw one's voice: Ventriloquize
3.) unwillingness to engage in convo.: Taciturnity
4.) unspoken: Tacit
5.) referring to an indirect, roundabout style of expression: Circumlocutory

6.) suitable for informal convo.: colloquial
7.) talkativeness: Loquaciousness, or Loquacity
8.) reluctance to express one's feelings or thoughts: Reticence or Reticency
9.) a speech to oneself, especially in a play: Soliloquy
10.) an indirect, roundabout expression: Circumlocution

1.) Laconia: Sparta (a city)
5.) e- (ex-) : out
8.) magnus: big
9.) grandis: grand
10.) verbum: word
11.) volvo, volutus: to roll
12.) garrio: to chatter
13.) animus: mind
14.) -fy: to make
16.) opus: work
17.) opero: to work
20.) re- : again, back
22.) in- : in

1.) laconicity- g.) great economy in speech
2.) eloquence- i.) great, artistic, or emotional expressiveness
3.) magniloquence- a.) floweriness, pompousness, or elegance in speech
4.) verbosity- j.) wordiness
5.) volubility- h.) fluency, ease, and/or rapidity of speech

6.) garrulity- b.) incessant chatter w/ little meaning
7.) magnum opus- d.) great artistic work; masterpiece
8.) magnate- c.) big wheel; important or influential person
9.) revolution- f.) "a rolling round"; radical change' political upheaval
10.) evolution- e.) a gradual unfolding or development; "a rolling out"
11.) cogency- k.) persuasiveness through logic; keen-mindedness in reasoning

1.) laconism- f.) pithiness or economy of expression; word or phrase packed with meaning
2.) verbiage- j.) wordiness; style or manner of using words; type of words
3.) verbalize- b.) to put into words
4.) verbal- h.) referring or pertaining to, or involving, words; oral, rather than written
5.) verbatim- a.) word for word

6.) revolutionary- c.) causing, or resulting from, radical change; new and totally different
7.) evolutionary- d.) resulting or developing gradually from (something)
8.) grandiloquent- i.) using flossy, flowery, elegant, or impressive phraseology
9.) eloquent- e.) expressive; emotionally moving
10.) magnanimous- g.) big-hearted; generous, forgiving

1.) Is laconicism characteristic of a verbose speaker? NO
2.) Does a magniloquent speaker use short, simple words? NO
3.) Does a frog evolve from a tadpole? YES
4.) Is an eloquent speaker interesting to listen to? YES
5.) Do verbose people use a lot of verbiage? YES

6.) Is volubility characteristic of an inarticulate person? NO
7.) Does verbosity show a careful and economical use of words? NO
8.) Is a verbal person usually inarticulate? NO
9.) Is a magnum opus one of the lesser works of a writer, artist, composer? NO
10.) Is a magnanimous person selfish and petty-minded? NO

3.) auris: ear
4.) avunculus: uncle
5.) dorsum: back
6.) vox, vocis; voice
7.) fero: to bear, carry
8.) somnus: sleep
11.) ambulo: to walk
13.) per- : through
14.) pre- : before/hand
15.) sopor: sleep (bah. I like it not, when there's more'n 1 word...)
16.) fic- (facio-) : to make or do

1.) ventral- h.) referring to the front or belly
2.) dorsal- j.) referring to the back side
3.) somniferous- i.) sleep-inducing
4.) insomnious- a.) unable to fall asleep
5.) somnolent- c.) drowsy

6.) somnambulistic- b.) pertaining to sleepwalking
7.) ambulatory- d.) able to walk, after being bed-ridden
8.) articulate- e.) verbal, vocal
9.) ventricular, auricular- g.) pertaining to one of the chambers of the heart
10.) avuncular- f.) like an uncle; kindly; protective

1.) ventricle, auricle- e.) chamber of the heart
2.) endorsement- g.) support; approval
3.) vociferousness- k.) loudness; clamorousness
4.) insomnia- a.) inability to fall asleep
5.) somnolence- i.) drowsiness
6.) somnambulism- b.) sleepwalking

7.) perambulator- j.) baby buggy; stroller
8.) preamble- c.) intro; preliminary or introductory occurrence
9.) soporific- f.) sleeping pill
10.) inarticulateness- d.) incoherence; sputtering; inability to get words out
11.) banality- h.) lack of originality; lack of imagination

1.) endorse- e.) to sign on the back; support; approve of
2.) vociferate- g.) say loudly and with great vehemence
3.) insomniac- a.) one who cannot fall asleep
4.) somnolency- f.) drowsiness
5.) somnambulist- b.) sleepwalker

6.) perambulate- d.) stroll through; walk around
7.) amble- c.) walk aimlessly
8.) soporific- h.) causing sleep
9.) insomnious- i.) wakeful; unable to fall asleep

1.) Does an insomniac often need a soporific? YES
2.) Does a somnambulist always stay in bed when asleep? NO
3.) Are ambulatory patients bed-ridden? NO
4.) Does a preamble come after another event? NO
5.) Are articulate people verbal? YES

6.) Does banality show creativeness? NO
7.) Does an avuncular attitude indicate affection and protectiveness? YES
8.) Is vociferation habitual with quiet, shy people? NO
9.) Is a somnolent person wide awake? NO
10.) Is a somniferous speaker stimulating and exciting? NO

Do I still know all of these words? NO
Will I make a 100 on the quiz? NO ....I mean...erm.... we shall see......Till next time, then.....
I've kinda been avoiding the site, for some strange reason. I don't know why. Don't ask. I'm really weirded out, for some reason. I blame school. It's been keepin' me uptight and busy. Darn hw. No matter how much I finish in school, there's always tons more to do at home. Monse, I'll try to get around to calling. If I get over my fear of phones any time soon. You realize there's a time difference, right? By the time I get home, you could theoretically be eating dinner. (Bah. That's my lame excuse. Ho hum)

So, Word Power Test. I need to study for it. Now.
1.) taciturn- silence, unresponsiveness
2.) laconic- economy, brevity, meaningfulness (saying little, meaning much)
3.) inarticulate- awkwardness, sputtering, incoherence
4.) garrulous- rambling chatter (meaningless; much talk, little sense)
5.) banal- hackneyed, unoriginal phraseology

6.) verbose- wordiness, repetitiousness
7.) voluble- fluency, rapidity
8.) cogent- logic, clarity, persuasiveness (words that convince brilliantly)
9.) vociferous- noise, vehemence (the sound and the fury)
10.) loquacious- talkativeness (talk a WHOLE lot)

(I know these next few might seem random, but they're questions in the book)

Can You Work W/ The Words?
1.) taciturn- i.) unwilling to engage in convo
2.) laconic- j.) using few words packed w/ meaning
3.) inarticulate- f.) sputtering unintelligibly
4.) garrulous- a.) chattering meaninglessly
5.) banal- c.) trite, hackneyed, unoriginal

6.) verbose- b.) wordy
7.) voluble- d.) fluent and rapid
8.) cogent- h.) brilliantly compelling, persuasive
9.) vociferous- e.) noisy, loud
10.) loquacious- g.) talkative

Do You Understand The Words?
1.) Do taciturn people usually make others feel comfortable and welcome? NO
2.) Does a laconic speaker use more words than necessary? NO
3.) Does rage make some people inarticulate? YES
4.) Is it interesting to listen to garrulous old men? NO
5.) Do banal speakers show a great deal of originality? NO

6.) Is verbose a complimentary term? NO
7.) Is it easy to be voluble when you don't know the subject you are talking about? NO
8.) Do unintelligent people usually make cogent statements? NO
9.) Is a vociferous demand usually made by a shy, quiet person? NO
10.) Do loquacious people spend more time talking than listening? YES

Fill In The Blanks:
1.) talkative: loquacious
2.) noisy, vehement, clamorous: vociferous
3.) incoherent; sputtering: inarticulate
4.) gabbing ceaselessly and w/ little meaning: garrulous
5.) disinclined to convo: taciturn

6.) talking in hackneyed phraseology: banal
7.) showing a fine economy in the use of words: laconic
8.) forceful and convincing: cogent
9.) talking rapidly y fluently: voluble
10.) using more words than necessary: verbose

Well, that concludes Session 24. The test (tomorrow) is on session 24-27. I think I'll add a few more entries later...